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We design any type of website, having many years of experience in the field of Web Design. By using our own CMS (web content management system), we enable the website owner to be able to update his Site on a daily basis on his own and without any of our intervention.

It is now well known that the sales of a business can increase and even at a very fast pace, when it has an online store and markets its products through it. Our company designs your own E-Shop having many years of experience in this field. After much research and several studies we have managed to complete a complete online store management system, which can reach up to the level of department stores, supporting hundreds of stores behind one application.

If you have a hotel or any accommodation and you want to increase your room reservations, you definitely need an On-line Reservation System, ie a reservation system that will work for you! Our company designs your On-line Reservation System having many years of experience in this field. After much research and several studies we managed to complete a complete online booking management system, with a wide range of options and services to hoteliers. Already, dozens of hotels throughout Greece use our system.

Our company has already designed a complete management system (CRM) for real estate agencies. Showcase your business real estate in a smart and beautiful way, having in your hands a tool perfectly tailored to the requirements and needs of your office. Place your properties on the map and give the interested person the opportunity to see through a range of photos all your properties, so that he can express his interest through automatic forms. Create multiple types of properties, give them any potential properties, import images and videos for each of them, update Google Maps of where each property is located (viewing area at neighborhood level), and synchronize your admin with any remote real estate platform.

One of the most frequently asked questions of our customers is "when and on which Google page will I see my website?"! Our company has been working for years in researching and dealing with relevant issues, having great efficiency in search engine searches. Through the management system, either of your website, your online store, or any web application we design for you, you have the ability to define various of the parameters that affect the effectiveness of the application in search engines, such as keywords , page titles, short description etc. All other technical parameters were designed and developed daily by Findus!

Finally, we undertake the purchase of the Domain Name of your website, as well as the Hosting on our Servers. We provide you with complete security of your data. Up to 30 email accounts are hosted on your website. Ability to install up to 5 databases. Upload and Download Times without limits!


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