Custom Applications and Solutions


Custom Applications and Solutions

The structure of companies, the complexity of their operation and the peculiarities they display, often require additional applications tailored precisely to their management needs. Because each Company has its own particularities and must be treated as a separate entity, the implementation of Custom Applications - solutions provides a substantial solution to the needs of your Company.

Existing applications, although covering a wide range of needs of today's businesses, often need additional specialized applications in order to successfully complement and meet the individual needs and particularities of a customer.

The executives of GP-Group in collaboration with the company Findus have all the experience with specialized programmers and analysts who require, study, design and implement any custom application, your own software tailored to the customer!

GP-Group develops Software both at the level of ERP Platform but also in additional internal or external implementations that cooperate and are fully integrated with the Customer information system.

The company during its operation, has implemented a number of projects and therefore has gathered in its know-how the most difficult, most specialized and complex cases of customization.

Our steps are carefully designed one by one, the analysis of your requirements is our priority, so that the final result is in accordance with your initial expectations!

  • We listen carefully to your needs
  • We collect and analyze the specifications
  • We prepare the most appropriate technical study
  • We determine the final cost of the project
  • We design and develop applications in collaboration with your business
  • We set clear schedules both in terms of the time of completion of the various stages and in terms of the final time of implementation of the project

We give the customer the "product" before delivery for pilot operation, so that all improvements can be made in a timely manner.

We are committed that our project will be the realization of your needs and desires, helping you to stand out in a highly dynamic and demanding environment!




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