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GP-Group provides same day support for small and medium enterprises

Today, more and more companies base their daily operation and development on information systems, including communications, internet, etc., so their proper operation and the ability to immediately fix any problem is particularly important.

For the technical support of all technical equipment (Hardware, System Software and Communication Networks), GP-Group offers high quality services, being responsible for the proper operation of many information systems and the technical support of important customers.

Depending on the needs of his business, each of our customers can choose between different technical support programs, adjusting the total cost according to the criticality and the needs of his computerization.

Improve the productivity and efficiency of your infrastructure, free up internal resources and take advantage of our services in order to focus on the core activities of your business.

The support services we offer can significantly reduce your costs for the installation and maintenance of your technology infrastructure.

GP-Group can help your business with the following

  • Server / network support
  • Application support
  • Desktop and laptop support
  • Server / system upgrades
  • Remote monitoring
  • Increase network and computer speed
  • Set up file sharing, printers, and network devices (disks, etc.)
  • Set up backups of your files
  • Set up the security of your files and network (user rights, security codes, etc.)
  • Recover deleted or damaged disks - files
  • Installation of new equipment (Servers, terminals, networks, printers, wireless devices, tablets and smartphones)
  • Virus removal and installation of security software
  • Preventive system maintenance
  • Set up e-mail and internet

PC repair services

Is your computer slow or crashed? Do not be afraid, GP-Group provides same day repair services throughout the greater area of Chalkida for your company's desktop, laptop or network.

Our professional service at your place is available when and where you need us. Everyday, evening or weekend, having your computer repaired has never been so convenient.

Whether the repair required is simple or extremely complex, our experienced technicians are experts in getting your computer up and running as quickly as possible. In addition, all our work is guaranteed, which means that you can count on us knowing that your computer is in safe hands.

In addition to simple repairs and troubleshooting, GP-Group can also help you with

  • Installation of new equipment (Computers, printers, wireless devices, tablets and smart phones)
  • Hardware upgrades (Hard Drives, Graphics Cards, Memories, Motherboards, etc.)
  • Upgrades to various brands and models such as HP, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Turbo-X, Compaq, Dell etc.
  • Operating system and program upgrades
  • Set up e-mail and internet
  • Virus removal and installation of Internet security software
  • Configure new computers, email, and wireless routers
  • Desktop & Laptop Support
  • Recover deleted or damaged disks - files
  • Set up file sharing, printers, and network devices (Disks, etc.)
  • Set up backups of your files
  • Increase computer speed
  • Ensure proper operation of the computer
  • Preventive maintenance of systems

Are you looking for computer support services for your small or medium sized business or personal use? Call GP-Group today!


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