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Insurance agency GP-Asfaleies George Pantazis


The company GP-Group is active in the field of insurance services.


After many years of experience in the field of insurance we can provide you with the best services and prices of the time in the following areas:

- Vehicle Safety (IX, Commercial, Public Use, Machines etc.)

- Boat Insurance

- Life Insurance

- Property Insurance

- Mortgages Insurance

- Travel insurance

Our company in cooperation with our network can provide you and your family with coverage throughout Greece.

Our office provides you with 24 coverage nationwide and the cooperating teams can repair any damage without inconvenience.


Visit us at our office Ilias Afentaki 45 Chalkida or contact us.


You can also visit the website of our insurance agency

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Hlia Afentaki 45 , Chalkis T.K. 34100

Tel.: (+30) 2221 0 81180 & 694 9494514

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